Hurricane Irene

This video was taken the Saturday before hurricane Irene hit. This short movie is an attempt at time lapse photography using my Canon Rebel t2i. The view is looking south towards the bay. You can see the statue of liberty off in the distance.  I was hoping for some lightning and strong winds, it ended up being kind of uneventful.

PBR 2012

My first time seeing the Professional Bull Riders at Madison Square Garden. Both the riders and the massive beasts they were riding were extremely impressive.  The video was shot using a Canon T2i with a Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens.  It was mostly shot at 135mm and the Image Stabilization definitely helped at such a long distance from the riders.  

Tron - Derezzed

This is a mash-up of scenes from Tron mixed to Daft Punks Tron Legacy Track Derezzed.